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About Us

Vik Mobile Workshop Pty. Ltd. (Vik MW) was established (Melbourne, Victoria) in 2008 by Vik Pudaruth. We have over 28 years of experience in the field with a Diploma in Management. We serve Melbourne's Inner and Eastern suburbs and south-eastern suburbs. Vik MW comes to you 6 days a week by offering a flat rate irrespective of time or day, giving you peace of mind. We specialize in almost all car repairs and maintenance. 
Vik MW undertakes general car servicing, including log book services for brand new car which are still under manufacture warranty (without voiding it), we also provide services for auto electrical, suspension, radiators, air conditioning, brakes, computer diagnostics and more.
Vik Mobile Workshop Pty. Ltd. is a VACC Accredited MOBILE REPAIRER. 
We are a licensed Air Con Repairer RTA- AU47541.
We also have full insurance for Liability.

Terms & Conditions

I, we, Vik MW and Vik are all represented by Vik Mobile Workshop Pty. Ltd.

Payment is due on completion of work. Cheques will not be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made with management. No credit granted.

Please note: No guarantee warranty on any electrical (eg. globes, fuses, etc) and electronic products, especially globes and sensors. Vik Mobile Workshop Pty. Ltd. doesn't take any responsibility for refrigerant. If after refilling the air conditioning system there is a leak, we will not refill or provide a refund. No refund, repair or renew of any product or any related products which we give free of charge. We do not provide guarantee warranty on any labour or products provided free of charge. If a change of mind occurs no refund or exchange will be provided (especially including special orders). Products will ONLY be replaced in case of manufacture defect, in case there is no stock then there will be a refund. In case of a product failure and the vehicle is unable to run, we don't pay or provide any taxi, loan car or compensation. However, in the event of a missed diagnostic of your vehicle we will refund ONLY the diagnostic fee (if you have paid), we will not refund any parts or labour.

Normally all new parts have a warranty of 30 days minimum unless specified, if any problems occur within that time Vik Mobile Workshop Pty. Ltd. will replace or repair it, but at the time of inspection of faulty parts (if any). All the parts should be in original condition. If it has been serviced, misused or try to repair third party, Vik Mobile Workshop will charge for labour costs and parts & no warranty will apply. In the event of a product failure (installed by Vik MW), any other person who attempts to repair or replace the product will void refund or exchange.

There is no guarantee warranty on all second hand parts such as panel & other products, battery, starter motor, alternator, etc...

Vik Mobile Workshop Pty. Ltd. takes no responsibility for parts supplied by the customer i.e. no warranty on parts & labour for parts that have been supplied by the customer.

We are legally entitled to exercise a lien over your vehicle, or any other goods for repairs, up the event of non-payment of any amount owing to us on account of any repairers or storage undertaken at your request. Your vehicle and /or goods will only be released to you in exchange for payment in full of all amounts owing to us. Until full payment is made all products are the property of Vik MW.

Take further notice

That any repair charges, labour costs, the cost of parts, incidental costs, storage charges, legal fees and ancillary expenses involved in exercising the lean, shall be added to the amount outstanding and you shall be liable to pay the total therefore in order to obtain the release of your vehicle and /or goods. Part of uncollected goods act. 1961

Take notice that acceptance by

Vik Mobile Workshop Pty. Ltd.

Of motor vehicles or parts or other goods thereof for repair or other treatment is subject to the provisions of the "disposal of uncollected goods act 1961" and that the act confers on.

Vik Mobile Workshop Pty. Ltd.

a right of the sale exercisable in certain circumstances after an interval of not less than one month from the date on which the goods are ready for delivery or the date on which the bailer is informed is the date when they will be ready for re-delivery (whichever is the later)

Please feel free to contact us with a free call (1800 845 662) should you have queries or concerns. The proprietor.

Thanking you.

VIK Mobile Workshop Pty. Ltd.

1800 845 662